Car Wash and High Pressure Water Applications

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BR Series Back Pressure Regulator
• Regulates pressures between 0 and 2,000 psi
• Absorbs normal pulsation
• Repeatable and accurate setting
• Durable and easily maintained
• 5 gpm and 10 gpm models
• Temperatures to 250° F
Trigger Control Spray Gun
• Adjustable trigger pull with positive shutoff
• Rated for 3000 psi, 10 gpm, 300° F, maximum
• Durable and easily maintained
• Zero-leak or weep seat options
• Flow path outside of handgrip for comfort in high temperature applications
Solid State Microprocessor Timer
• Accumulates time if additional coins are added during run cycle
• Easy to switch from 24 VAC to 120 VAC line voltage
• Easy to set and change run time
• Works with either AC or DC pulse coin acceptors
• Accurate within 0.01 seconds
CV Series Check Valves
• Positive, bubble-tight shut off against reverse flow
• Low pressure drop in free flow direction
• Durable seat and poppet design reduces wear
• High impact and chatter resistant
• Broad fluid comatibility
• Easily maintained
RV Series Relief Valves
• Protects systems from over pressure conditions
• 100 to 3,000 psi, 5 gpm to 25 gpm
• Repeatable opening at set pressure
• Extremely close set pressure / reseat
• Chatter-free operation
• Compatible with large variety of fluids
• For more information, please call or email us
18000 Series Shut Off Valves
For use in carpet cleaning systems
• Light trigger pull
• Zero leak at high or low pressure
• Suited for truck-mount or portable units
• Maintain without removing from system
• Compatible with wide range of chemicals
• For more information, please call or email us
13000 Series Regulators
For use in centeral cleaning systems and reverse osmosis systems
• Dual functioning as pressure regulator and over pressure protection
• Precise control between 50 and 3,000 psi
• Flow rates between 0.5 and 65 gpm
• Suitable for continuous by-pass operation
• For more information, please call or email us
15000 Series Check Valves
• Zero leak in check direction in high or low pressure
• Minimum pressure drop in free-flow direction
• Non-chatter
• Models for high and low flow
• Easily maintained
• Excellent for anti-siphoning
• For more information, please call or email us